To support the broadest range of researchers in biomedical, healthcare, and public policy research, we're building a Remote-Access Enclave that will enable you to:

  • Access the sensitive Medicare and Medicaid data of NIH survey respondents as well as publicly available versions of NIH survey data; and
  • Analyze these data using a suite of vendor and custom analytic tools—all within a Federal Information Security Management Act of 2002 (FISMA)-compliant computing environment.

This Enclave will consist of a protected, Windows remote desktop that authorized users will securely access through a Web browser. 

Access Tiers

The MedRIC Remote-Access Enclave will feature the following three access tiers.

Note that, as a secure computing platform housing sensitive data resources, the Enclave will NOT feature any direct Internet connectivity but will feature tools for requesting the transfer of files into and out of your Enclave space.


  •  100 GB of Disk Space per Study
  •  Stata MP
  •  R Statistical Software 
  •  MedRIC Data &Code Trackin Management Tool 
  •  Enclave File Transfer Tool
  •  Business Software (Microsoft Office and Adobe Reader)
  •  Online Help Resources
  •  Technical Support Staff Assistance


  •  All Basic Features
  •  SAS Analytics Pro
  •  Package Data Consultation 


  •  All Pro Features
  •  Hourly Data Consultation 

MedRIC Data & Code Management Tool – Spotlight

Track your research data and trace the analytic activities of your project team through our Data and Code Management Tool.

We’re building a Data and Code Management Tool that will enable you to track all of your data files—both the ones we give you and the ones your team creates—as well as submit and track your research team’s analytic programs. This Tool will feature:

  • Study Information, including the data files that your study has obtained;
  • a Study-Specific Data Dictionary, featuring not only variable definitions for the variables you received but also summary statistics (such as number of observations per variable) to help with your analysis;
  • a Job Submission Interface for coding analytic programs via an intuitive code editor and submitting them to our powerful, statistical-software server farm for faster and more transparent processing; and
  • a Job Manager Interface for managing submitted programs—including tracking their status and reviewing log results online, re-running submitted failed jobs, and obtaining summary information on the results of each team member’s job run.


Enclave Fees


Note: As with MedRIC’s current $1,000 annual licensing fee, we are designing a fee model that keeps Enclave costs low for our research community.