Medicare & Medicaid Resource Information Center (MedRIC) for National Institutes of Health (NIH) Survey-Based Research

We create research products that power well-rounded, wide-ranging, and innovative National Institutes of Health (NIH) research projects.

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Create Richer Datasets

Link NIH survey participants’ Medicare and/or Medicaid information to their survey responses for richer data sources.

Use Better Research Tools

Leverage tools designed by data experts to more effectively understand and analyze Medicare and Medicaid data.

Build a Research Community

Discover collaborative and cross-disciplinary research opportunities through our multi-NIH survey community.

MedRIC research files address critical gaps in NIH survey participants' Medicare and/or Medicaid health services, providing you with better insight into the health and well-being of survey participants.

These files offer you six types of health service information:


Beneficiary Demographics Data

Verify survey participants' demographics information with Medicare and/or Medicaid information on participants' gender, age, and race/ethnicity.


Diagnoses, Procedures, and Costs

Gain insight into the diagnoses and procedures that survey participants have received under Medicare or Medicaid as well as the cost of those services.


Dates of Health-Related Services

Explore when participants received Medicare or Medicaid services to order those services across time.


Prescription Drug Information

Access information on the prescriptions that survey participants receive as well as the prescription costs covered by Medicare or the participant.


Mental and Physical Assessments

Incorporate mental and physical assessments of survey participants conducted by Medicare- and Medicaid-certified nursing homes as well as Medicare-certified home health agencies into your analysis.


Provider-Related Information

Use provider identifiers, geographic location, and, in the case of physicians, speciality codes to build a fuller picture of provider characteristics.

MedRIC Secure Analytic Resources

We're building analytic resources that help you understand Medicare and/or Medicaid data and track your analytic activities over time, making it easier to control the quality of, and validate, your research findings.

As part of this effort, we're building a remote-access enclave that will enable you and other types of researchers (whether tenuredfaculty, graduate students, or non-profit research divisions) to access and use sensitive Medicare and Medicaid data in a Federal Information Security Management Act of 2002 (FISMA)-compliant computing environment.

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MedRIC Research Community

MedRIC-affiliated researchers are studying NIH survey participants’ health status, medical services, and healthcare costs over time.

And they are doing so without needing to access the personally identifying information (PII)--such as, Social Security Number, Health Insurance Claim Number, and full name--of NIH survey participants.

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We have established partnerships with the following 16 NIH surveys.

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